Live Chat

How it works

The Live Chat feature has 2 features, a Live Chat that can be initiated with one of our representatives to help you with any questions you may have when they are online.

The other feature when a representative is Offline and cannot contacted there is a messaging option so you can post your questions to us.

How do I know if they are Online or Offline to answer questions?

In the dark bar at the bottom of the screen below the speech bubble it tells you the status. The examples here shows the representative Offline and and Online to start a Live Chat session.

If Offline click the speech bubble and then enter your Email address, Name (optional), Message and then click Submit to send a message.

Example of agent offline Example of agent online

How do I start a Live Chat session?

Click the speech bubble

Example of agent online


Once clicked you will be presented with the Live Chat session window.

Example of live chat panel

You start typing in the orange box near the bottom and you press the "Enter" key on your keyboard when finished typing to send your text to the agent.

You will see a conversation build up between you and the agent in the middle of the Chat window.

When finished minimise the chat session window by clicking the minimize symbol at the top. Example of live chat panel